Podcast Art

Various cover and character illustrations for the Make Your Move podcast. Mixed media ink, watercolor, and digital. 2017-2018.

Marty Walters for Congress

Various illustrations done for the Marty Walters for Congress campaign. Mixed media ink and digital. 2017.

Storied Stitches

Storied Stiches is a knitting zine about the empowering and radical nature of knitting. Edited with Valentina Castro and featuring submissions from Abigail Zeisemen, Brooke Ebeling, Hailey E., Kaz Valtchev, Laura B., and Tuesday Leigh Phillips. ...

Mini Paintings

Various mini paintings. Each are 4″ x 6″, Acrylic and ink. August 2017.

Girls with Phones Zine

Girls with Phones, 5.5″x8.75″, July 2016.

Selfie Girl

Selfie Girl was installed at California College of the Arts' College Avenue Galleries in March 2016. The show was made up of hand screen-printed garments, zines, and a painted selfie backdrop. Photos by John Wilson White

Sam’s Bag Skirt

Sam's Bag Skirt, hand screen-printed on cotton, 2016. Photos by John Wilson White

Bejeweled Hands Clutch

Featured in the California College of the Arts booth at the San Francisco American Craft Council Show in 2015. Four color screen-print on organic cotton, 12″ x 8.5″, July 2015.

CCA Junior Review

Junior Review installation at California College of the Arts’ Oliver Gallery. Hand screen-printed textile designs and zines. March 2015.

Witches Zine #2

Witches #2, 5.5″x4″, 2015.

Landscape Top

Landscape Top, hand screen-printed on silk/cotton, 2015. Photo by John Wilson White

Quilt Shorts

Quilt Shorts, hand screen-printed on silk charmeuse, 2015.

My Beloved Backpack Zine

My Beloved Backpack, 5.5″x4″, 2014.

Witches Zine

Witches, 5.5″x4″, October 2014.

The Moon

The Moon, 12″x12″, Acrylic, July 2014.

You Are Worthy Zine

You Are Worthy, 8″x5″, 2014.

Diamond Eyes Trousers

Diamond Eyes Trousers, hand screen-printed on silk crêpe, 2013.

Bejeweled Hands Dress

Bejeweled Hand Dress, hand screen-printed on cotton, 2013.