Finished Jumper Dress

A few weeks ago I found this amazing fabric at Stone Mountain and Daughter and I knew I had to do something with it. The fabric is a Japanese linen/cotton blend and has the most amazing repeat print that utilizes the full width of the fabric. The mint ocean and pink sand are balanced with the grey runway and pops of orange pedestrians and the negative space/white of the fabric is masterfully designed.


I was inspired by Liz Hansen (@stitchplease on Instagram), who used the same fabric to make an overall-style jumper dress that perfectly showcases this print.


I modified Kwik Sew’s K4138 to make my jumper dress. I wanted to create a silhouette that I know looks good on me, so I opted for a waistband and gathered skirt. I had justenough fabric with 2 yards, which I pre-washed.


In hindsight I wish I added a pocket to the left side; the right side has a zipper closure. I also need to shorted the straps, which is a bit of a pain (not to mention I ran out of the contrast thread I used for top-stitching), but overall (ha ha) I am really pleased with the finished jumper dress!