Me Made May 2018 Reflection

This was my first year participating in Me Made May, so I thought I would reflect on my experience and what I learned through the month. My goal for the month was, “I, Caroline, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '18. I endeavor to take a photo every time I wear a me-made garment, to buy no new fabric, and to finish my Kalle shirt in May 2018.” 

I can say that I succeeded in photographing all of my me-made outfits… which is the only part of my goal I succeeded in (we’ll get there). I realized when trying to put together outfits in May that I have maybe one day a week where I wear garments I have made. Part of this is my penchant for sewing pretty dresses that are not alway practical and part of this is my slow journey of learning how to modify patterns for my size. That being said, I had a few great outfits this month. 

This is the Maeve shrug, which is one of the most wearable garments I have ever knit. It has a lot of ease/wiggle room, especially in the arm area, which is where I struggle most. I made the same sweater in a dark blue for my mom a few years ago as well . The t-shirt is a self-drafted pattern based on a RTW piece made with Hello Ollie by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabric. This t-shirt is another go-to of mine; it’s the perfect balance of stylish and comfortable.


This is a “split skirt” (read: culottes) from a 90’s McCall’s pattern made with a Korean rayon. It’s the perfect summer garment; light, breezy, and has pockets. Wearing these culottes brings back hot summer days of going to the county fair and eating soft serve ice cream.


I wore the same blue sweater here in a more casual look and Clarissa is wearing a Merchant and Mills Tee that I made. The fabric is Amalfi by Rifle Paper Co. and I did a very slight full bust adjustment. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous and I have now made two other versions for Clarissa.


This is a knitted poncho that I started with the intention of using up some leftover indigo dyed yarn. After a year of knitting, I finally finished it and… I never wear it. There is something about the shape or color or fit that doesn’t work with my everyday wardrobe. Perhaps I will try and style it in fall and winter, when the wool will be more functional.


This is one of my favorite outfits of the month. This is a self-drafted wrap top made with the same Korean rayon as the culottes. I paired it here with a flow-y tunic that my best friend shibori dyed with indigo. I haven’t worn the two together before but I absolutely love the color combination and the silhouette it creates. 


Here is where I started to fail my personal goals. I was feeling stuck with my Kalle shirt and I was at Stonemountain and Daughter and this pink striped ribbed knit was on sale and one thing led to another. This is a self-drafted pattern based on a RTW piece and I started and finished it in one afternoon. This will definitely be a go-to warm weather piece for me. In fact I wore it two days in a row after I made it and then again when I was tabling at the LA Zine Fest.

So overall, I didn’t end up finishing my Kalle shirt and I did buy fabric. But I’m not beating myself up over this “failure.” It was my first time participating in Me Made May and after all, it is just an excuse to wear your me-made garments and have a go at challenging yourself.